On the Issues


In the past decade, Lansing has slashed over $6 billion in funding to local cities. Robert will fight to return funding to our communities. These funds will help to improve the quality of life in our neighborhoods by supporting infrastructure repairs, promoting public safety, and providing long-term solutions to our crumbling roads. 


Education drives our economic future. Investment in our public schools is therefore investment in our future. Robert is a strong advocate for public education. Robert's mother is a public school teacher and his father is a former school board member. Robert is a proud product of public schools, having attended K-12 in the Berkley School District.  Robert has four nieces enrolled in the Berkley School District, and a niece and nephew enrolling in the near future. Robert knows the challenges that both new and veteran teachers face in the state of Michigan, and is committed to making educators a top priority. Robert fights every day for his mother and all public school educators.


Robert will protect our retirees’ hard-earned incomes by working to repeal the unfair tax on pensions. Robert will fight to ensure seniors can retire with financial security and dignity. Robert also supports current efforts to make Michigan a “no-wait state” for in-home health care services. This policy change will make it easier and more cost-effective for our seniors to receive the help they need to stay in their homes.

Gun Violence Prevention:

There is a national gun violence epidemic in our country. 96 Americans are killed with guns every day. That is why Robert founded and is the Chairperson of the Michigan Legislative Gun Violence Prevention Caucus. He is working hard to mitigate gun violence in our state while still respecting the Second Amendment, as the two are not mutually exclusive. He has introduced sensible legislation including universal criminal background checks and Extreme Risk Protection Order (red flag) bills. 

Health Care:

Robert has been working for the last 13 years as a licensed life and health insurance adviser. Robert has a great understanding of the ACA (“Obamacare”) and he truly believes it is already making an impact. Doing away with medical underwriting, stopping lifetime maximums, covering preventive care 100%, implementing a Medical Loss Ratio (MLR) and much more.

The ACA is the largest piece of health reform legislation passed in this country since Medicare/Medicaid/Social Security. Michigan is partaking in the federal health care exchange, and since the program is under attack, it is critical to have a representative in Lansing that has a strong understanding and professional experience in the industry.

Robert has witnessed far too many people getting denied coverage based on pre-existing conditions and believes that everyone should have access to affordable health care and that we have a duty to protect the most vulnerable - our children, the elderly and the sick.

The Economy:

The Michigan economy is in a transitional period and strong leadership is necessary to navigate through uncertain times. The “Brain Drain”, where Michigan-educated college graduates must leave the state to find work elsewhere, must stop. More needs to be done to keep college graduates in our state. We need to invest in our schools, our infrastructure and our people. Robert will work to encourage entrepreneurship to foster the growth of new businesses in Michigan. 

Women’s Rights:

A woman should not have to insure herself against rape! Robert is pro-choice and believes that medical decisions should be left between a woman and her doctor. Robert strongly supports equal pay for women and safe access to health care facilities. Robert believes in the potential of the Women’s Health and Economic Security Task Force and will never waver in his support of all women’s rights.

LGBTQ Rights:

Marrying the person we love is a basic human right. The US Supreme Court set the stage for marriage equality throughout the nation. It is time now for Michigan to move forward and continue to fight for the equal rights of Michigan's same-sex couples and all LGBTQ people. Robert is working to amend the Elliott-Larsen Civil Rights Act to include sexual orientation and gender identity and will continue to work tirelessly until there is equality for all. Our nation and our state are better and stronger when we stand up for the rights of all our neighbors.

Protecting Michigan Workers:

Robert comes from a long line of union members and supporters. His mother is a member of the MEA, his father was a member of the AFL-CIO, his brother was a member of the UAW and his grandfather was a member of the IBEW. Robert is proud to preserve what is left of the rights of Michigan workers. Unions, state and nation-wide, allow workers to live the American dream. The Governor's vendetta against unions must end. Breaking the back of Michigan's unions would destroy our state's working class. In addition, the tax on retiree pensions must be reversed. Robert will work diligently and steadfastly on behalf of our unions and the employees they represent.

Environmental Protection:

Global climate change is not a myth. Society must reduce the use of fossil fuels in order to have any hope of fighting the destructive effects of global climate change. In our own lives, we must make choices each and every day to reduce our carbon footprints. We have a moral obligation to leave a better world for our children than we inherited. Robert is opposed to hydraulic fracturing and will help to protect our Great Lakes, to promote and support green building initiatives, and to further research renewable and alternative energy sources.

Public Transportation:

A thriving public transportation system is vital to a flourishing community and can exist along with the automobile. The benefits of high-quality public transportation are clear: cities that have invested in public transportation have been able to attract young professionals and families. This is a key component of the economic revitalization of our region. We need a public transportation option to and from the City of Detroit to both the suburbs and Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport. Robert is active with the Transform Woodward Complete Streets Project and is a member of the Woodward Avenue Action Association. Robert will work to both preserve and expand existing public transportation options in the metro Detroit area and encourage transit-oriented development (TOD). Robert supports the upcoming RTA millage. 


Robert supports those who defend our nation and deeply appreciates their service and sacrifice. We must take care of our veterans, not abandon them. Robert firmly believes that all veterans deserve quality health care and good-paying jobs and will work to facilitate veterans’ transition to civilian life in Michigan.

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